Monday, 3 March 2008

Why I removed WidgetBucks from my blogs

I recently found out about WidgetBucks on the great ProBlogger site here and thought I'd give it a try. I used one main ad and selected the "Digital Cameras" category. Being in Australia, I have never actually seen one of these ads on my blogs. A few days ago one of my readers sent the email below. I submitted a support request/complaint to WidgetBucks but have not heard back from them yet. I'm so upset about this because I specifically say on my digifree blog that I won't list blogs that have adult content. So I have removed all the references to WidgetBucks from both my blogs.

like you I added ads from widgetbucks, a good idea to make a little bit of money. But - as I soon discovered they display these ads (the pictures I added to this email from your blog (I was looking for your email) and from your Digifree-site) and I just wanted you to know what we here in sweden can see.
If that is okey with you it's fine, I just wasn't sure you knew...

I wrote to widgetbucks to ask if this is something they approve of but they haven't answered yet. I removed the ads from my blog I can add as I don't think it looks very good to have there...

Well, I just wanted to let you know as you might not see this in Australia.

Thank you for a perfect way to feature freebies - you are doing a great job!