Saturday, 30 June 2007

Mesh and Borders

Today I have some digital scrabooking borders (12" long) to match the dark tartan set (only about 1/3 of the length shown here):

Download the borders here.

Also, some huge strips of coloured mesh (12" by approx 5") that you can cut to any shape. Only about 1cm of each colour is shown in the picture so you can see the detail:

Download mesh here.

Hope you like them!

Free flowers and tags

Here are some digital scrapbooking flowers to match the pale tartan kit:

These can be bevelled or used plain, similar to my quick page. Download them here.

The tags are for both the dark and pale tartan sets. Download them here.

I hope you like them! Don't forget to check out my freebie listing engine!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Red and Green Papers and Ribbons

I have a long list of free digital scrapbook items today! I have some red and green papers in plain and tartan, with and without grunge. There are 12 papers in all in 3 downloads:

Download part 1.

Download part 2.

Download part 3.

I also have some ribbons:

Doanload ribbons here.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Freebie list

Don't forget to pop over to my freebie list blog here. There are 74 more freebies listed today! We have been busy little vegemites! ;-)

Pale Blue Tartans and Matching Prongs

Today's digital scrapbooking freebies include the first set of papers matching the pale tartan set. Part 1 of the blue papers looks like this:

There is pale blue and the first tartan (both are in plain and grunged). Download part 1 here.

Part 2 of the blue papers looks like this:

It includes 2 more pale blue tartans (plain and grunged). Download here.

I also have the prongs for the Highland Dreaming kit which look like this:

Download the prongs here.
Hope you like them!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Pale Tartan

I'm now into the Pale Tartan part of my Highland Dreaming kit. Like the dark set, there is a major tartan and then matching plain, grunge and simpler tartan papers in paler shades of blue red and green. Today I have the major tartan for this set in plain and grunged (shown in detail):

Download Pale Tartan Paper here.

Don't forget to check out my new automated digital scrapbooking freebie list blog. It is created by a computer ptogram that checks all the blogs of digifree sites to see if they have been updated since the last check. I wrote this because of the unbelievable rate at which people are putting up freebies. There were 210 freebies found in posts (on Blogger) for the last 4 days! But remember - this is a computer program - it's not 100% accurate. Note also that I will not, in any shape or form, try to extract freebie links from blogs. Like me, designers want you to read their blogs not just get their freebies. It's more about getting to know the designer and their work than simply getting lots of goodies. Anyway, I hope you find it useful.

More Faux Stamps and Corrections to Fish Stamps

I have some toy faux stamps which are cute on birthday cards or kids layouts:

They come in plain or torn and Australian or USA. Download Toy Faux stamps here.

NOTE: I have also updated the fish stamps because the shadows were all wrong and the tear holes were not removed from the black stamp marks. If you liked them please download again. Sorry - I didn't notice until I was working on the toys again! This is what the torn USA stamps look like:

Download fish faux stamps here.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Fish Faux Stamps

Here are my first faux stamps, in torn or plain, and with and without Australia and place name. They are shown here with these and with a black background to emphasise the tear holes.

I have a whole series of these and will upload one every so often. A bunch of them are part of my upcoming Moulin Rouge kit.

Download fish stamps here.

Tartan Tabs

I have some tartan and plain tabs for your digital scrapbooks:

The tabs on the left match the dark tartan I have been mostly focusing on. The tabs on the right match the pale tartan set that I will be uploading next. There are still more dark tartan goodies including quick pages coming.
Download tabs here.
Hope you like them!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Tartan Scrapbook Frames

I have some digital scrapbooking frames today (as seen on my first QPs):

Hope you like them! Download scrapbooking frames here.

Tomorrow I hope to start on the pale tartan papers & other items!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

More Tartan Quick Pages

I have created 2 more quick pages for your digital scrapbooks. I created them from a couple of scrapbook layouts I made today:

Scrapbook layout 1:


Download QP3 here (with and without title).

Scrapbook layout 2:


Download QP4 here.

I will get those Faux Stamps up ASAP. Some will have to wait for my Moulin Rouge kit though ;-)


Friday, 22 June 2007

Faux Stamps?

Does anyone want some faux stamps? They look great on heritage pages, kids pages and on cards. I began making some heritage ones for my Moulin Rouge kit, e.g.:

But it just grew from there. For the kit I will be changing theses to French. Here are some more examples of what I've made (shown with black behind so you can see the tear holes which are in the real PNG files):

Anyone want them? I don't know what stamps look like in other countries so I could upload ones with & without the "Austalia" if anyone wants them. Then you can add your own country name. Of course I have no idea what that Japanese symbol is! I hope it's nothing bad!

Another Freebie List

I just discovered another digiscrap freebie list on Silvia's blog!

Mesh, mesh, everybody loves mesh!

I've made some mesh to go with my tartan kit. I love mesh - you can cut it to any shape and then show detail behind it. As usual, the colour theme is blue/red/green.
I have some mesh stars (shown in red on my second tartan QP here):

The detail here is not obvious because the stars are quite big. See the alpha below for detail. Download stars here.

I also have a mix of frames/mats which were cut using the shapes from so a BIG thank you to them! They look like this

Download frames here. Again, look below for detail.

The last mesh item is the alpha:

Also in the usual colours. Download them here.

As promised, I have made bevelled and bev+shadowed versions of the alpha from yesterday. They look like this:

Download alpha here.
I can't believe I have four freebies today! Hope you like them. I'm trying to get thru all of my HIghland Dreaming kit so I can move on to the rest of Moulin Rouge!

Tracking Comments on Blogger

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments I've been receiving lately. I'm overwhelmed by the enthusiasm!

I was finding it hard to keep track of my comments and yesterday I discovered a nifty tool for bloggers which isn't all that widely published. You create a "feed" on your blog and use the URL:
replacing MYBLOGNAME with your blog name. You can select whether to include the name of the poster and the date. unfortunately you can only list up to 5 of the most recent comments but it's very handy!

Fonts and The Font Thing

Mindy posted a link to lots of free fonts on her blog which are really nice.

I use The Font Thing to organise my fonts. It is by Sue Fisher (a fellow Aussie!) and it's brilliant because you can categorise your fonts (into "Collections"). For example, I have "favorite", "script", "handwriting", "kids" (for the funkier/kiddy ones), "picture" (for picture fonts), "typed" etc. If you find it hard to keep track of your fonts it's a must-have. The other great aspect is that you can type your text in the top and see exactly what it will look like for all your fonts.

Sue has lots of info on TFT on her website including screen shots. She also has links to other font resources including font archives and other software. Very handy.

There is a tutorial for TFT at DSP but they don't go into using the collections which I think is the best part.

Be aware though that if you have hundreds of fonts it can take a loooong time to generate the text in all the variations. This is another good reason to use collections because you are only looking at a subset of your fonts at any one time.

(Alternative download for The Font Thing)

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Coloured Alpha

Here are the numbers to match the alpha set:

Download here.

And here are the coloured alpha & numbers:

These come in blue (shown), green and red tartan. The rest of the matching papers will be uploaded soon I promise!! Download these here.
I have not added any bevels or shadows to these as I'm assuming you can all do it yourselves and might actually want them plain too. If lots of people leave a comment requesting it, I will add these tomorrow.
Hope you enjoy them! Tomorrow I'll be giving away all the matching mesh that you can see on the layered alpha/numbers including some cute large mesh stars!

Roses on Nicole's blog

There are some lovely roses on Nicole's blog here which could be used with my Moulin Rouge kit. Worth a download & please say thank you to her.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Tartan Alpha

My first tartan alpha looks like this:

and can be downloaded here. It co-ordinates best with the first two parts of this kit which are here:

I'll be adding more alpha over the next few days including the individual tartan and mesh letters used in these alphas.

Note that the font used in this kit is the "Ale and Wenches" font from:

This font is (C) 2003 Nate Piekos. Downloading this font is a good idea for all your Scottish layouts - it's absolutely ideal.

Doctors & Green Tartan

Kirsty has an amazing story about seeing a specialist for her daughter here. We've very similar experiences with my daughter's ears in the UK. It was so difficult to get her to see anyone. Anyway, it reminded me of this news article my dad sent me a couple of days ago:

Very funny (in an odd kind of way since the event itself isn't funny at all).

Anyway, I have some MORE tartan for your digital scrapbooking projects. This time it's a green theme - but not lime green :-) !:

Download the green plain, grunged & tartan papers here. Please leave a comment if you do.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Red Tartan

I have a red tartan papers freebie for your digital scrapbooking today. This is what it looks like:

There is are four papers: plain red, grunge red paper and two tartan papers. These look great on scrapbook pages about boys. Download here. Please leave me a comment here if you download it.

Monday, 18 June 2007

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Sunday, 17 June 2007

More Quick Pages

I've been a bit addicted to scrapbooking and my new kit this weekend! Here are 2 quick pages using my new kit "Moulin Rouge". They are both variations on the same theme. I haven't finished uploading all my tartan goodies yet either so keep watching this space.

QP1 (photo area grayed out so you can see it but the photo sits behind):

Download QP1 here. The detail on the white paper is not obvious so this is what it looks like:


Download QP2 here.

Amy's Template as a Quick Page

I used Amy W's template from her blog here for a page using my newest kit and I loved it so much I made a quick page with it. This is what it looks like:

If Amy agrees I'll post the download link! Her template is SO useful! I still don't have a name for my new kit but I'm still leaning towards Moulin Rouge (especially with that quote). Any other suggestions??

Edit: You can download the QP here -- thanks Amy! If you download make sure you say thanks to Amy and follow both her & my her terms & conditions.

Mixed Flowers Freebie


Here is a bunch of tartan, grunge and plain flowers:

Download here.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Blue Tartan & Grunge Paper

I've got some blue tartans and a blue grunge matching the other papers:

Download here. Enjoy. Lots more to come!

New Title


I've just made a new title for my blog and I created a new black, white & red kit for it. I need suggestions for a name... once I have one I'll begin giving it away. I was wondering about moulin rouge? Anyone have any good ideas?


Friday, 15 June 2007

Black Grunge and Tartan Paper


I have uploaded my black tartan and black grunge paper:

In total 3 black tartans and 1 matching black grunge (detail shown). I will be adding red, blue and green tartans over the next few days, so come back soon.

Download here. Enjoy!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Tartan Quick Pages


I've been working on my tartan kit & have a couple of quick pages!

QP1 is for heritage pages:

QP1 Example:
Doanload QP1 here.

QP2 is for all the little monkey boys out there:

QP2 Example:

Download QP2 here.

I hope you like them! I'm so pleased people have left comments & happy you like the kit so far. There is LOADS still to come! This is rapidly turning into a mega kit.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

More Tartan Paper


Thanks for the great comments! Here is some more tartan paper for you (detail shown):

Download here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


I have just made a layout using a template for the very first time. Wow, how easy is that?! I used to ignore templates and just download kits etc. Now I'm going to hunt them down! LOL! Not only is it faster to do a layout, but I could never come up with the huge variety of laouts out there. Here is my first one using Ikea Godess' Circular Photo Template and my new Highland kit:

I'll upload the rest of my new kit soon.