Thursday, 31 January 2008

DigiFree Gets 5000 Hits!

To celebrate the fact that on 29th January, DigiFree got over 5000 hits in one day, I've created a couple of freebies for you! First, I have a re-work of my first freebie, an all-boy tag:

Credits: CK Buddies Font, MS Word Clipart.

And next is a new tag and word art. The download includes the original photoshop PSD file so that you can change the tag to any colour. It also contains the tag in PNG format in 4 basic colours in case you don't have photoshop. I have also put the wordart here in case that's all you like!

Credits: CK Scratchy Font, CK Anecdote Font.



Saab said...

Firstly CONGRATS! that is just amazing! That many people in one day, but hey your site is great so it's not that amazing *lol*! Now Thanks for the lovely freebie I just love the quotes and that tag is so cute!

Cheers Sonia

Gayle said...

Not only do you offer a wonderful service, but freebies too! What a gal! Thanks so much! :)

Kelly said...

I personally love your site! I know thaty I wouldn't have the time to go through so many sites, and I don't have the skills to set up something like this, so I really appreciate it! I'm sure I was one of the 5000!

lwlittlebit said...

It's no wonder you had 5000 hits; your freebie list is amazing! It makes freebie hunting fast and easy & I appreciate you doing it day after day; thanks so much!

American Fork said...

Very cute, thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! Both for the lovely freebies and your always wonderful list! :D Congrats on your blogs popularity!!!!! Have a wonderful day!

Maria said...

Thanks everyone!

LindaJD said...

Thank you so much for the Great Freebies and for the time that you must spend making up the Wonderful list that you compile and share with everyone each day, it's amazing..CONGRATULATIONS on 5000 Hits!!
I am new to designing and have a couple of freebies listed on my blog if you care to take a

Anonymous said...

Hello Maria, my name is Fernanda and I am co-owner of . Every Thursday I place freebies in my blog. If you want to publish, here it is the address: .Today has a beautiful freebie for there! Thank you, Fernanda Marini

Anemona said...

Congratulations I was an addict to your blogs before I decided to make my own. Thank you sooo.. much for promoting my work and other designers through digifree. Many many hugs!!!!

Hummie said...

Congratulations on the high count for the day! Wow! That's a lot of traffic. Plus, all those comments you put in people's blogs must take you a long time to do and I know people appreciate them.

Sammy DeOrtha said...


I am somewhat new to blogging. I'm finding out that it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. I am trying to start an informative site on the Cricut machine.

What a fantastic resource that you are providing to the scrapbooking community!

Would you be interested in exchanging links? I will place a link to
your blog on mine if you would be kind enough to do the same.

Please email back if you are interested!


ps I couldn't find your email so feel free to delete this comment.

digiscrapzzutah said...

love the frog & lettering Thanks. Check out freebies 4U @
I love your DigiFree Site (must addmite I'm quite addicted) Thanks agian.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this tag. I LOVE it!