Friday, 13 July 2007

Double Quick Page - Part 1

I did some doodles! The first page with doodles was on my previous post. Today I have a double page quick page for you with my doodles. This is my layout ( a bit low res sorry):

Even though this is part of my Moulin Rouge kit, I decided to add some additional colours to this page because black, white & red were not enough for the doodles. Today you get part one (the page on the left) which is quick page 6 for my new kit. Download it here.

For those of you who liked my tartan kit, I have a BIG surprise coming up soon!

Did you know that people can find your freebies on 4shared and download them directly before you publish them? See my freebie list blog where I warn others of this problem. I'm really upset about this.


PSharp said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful QP.

Shell said...

Thanks so much for the double pager, can't wait for the tartan goodies coming. As far as the 4shared thing, that is really the fault of the person whose account it is since they had to check the box which allows their files to be viewed by the public. If you go under your account settings & uncheck the box people will no longer be able to view your files through the search feature.

glenda said...

Thanks for the Double. I love your work and double is twice the fun. Thanks