Monday, 2 July 2007

Highland Dreaming Buttons & Embellishments

I have some digital scrapbooking embellishments including a set of tartan buttons of different shapes:

Download buttons here.

I also have some other embellishments:

Download embellishments here.

Hope you like them!


Lizzerd said...

wow, more and more pieces!! have you counted 'em all?!?! thanks so much for these additional bits!!

Maria said...

Hi. No I haven't counted! Maybe I should!


PSharp said...

Wonderful! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria, These are really neat. I wanted to be added to the freebie blog list. I could not find where to leave a comment on that page. My web blog address is:

Thanks Much!
Lori Giles

MaggieM said...

This is such beautiful material, thank you for sharing. I love it!!