Thursday, 21 June 2007

Coloured Alpha

Here are the numbers to match the alpha set:

Download here.

And here are the coloured alpha & numbers:

These come in blue (shown), green and red tartan. The rest of the matching papers will be uploaded soon I promise!! Download these here.
I have not added any bevels or shadows to these as I'm assuming you can all do it yourselves and might actually want them plain too. If lots of people leave a comment requesting it, I will add these tomorrow.
Hope you enjoy them! Tomorrow I'll be giving away all the matching mesh that you can see on the layered alpha/numbers including some cute large mesh stars!


Su said...

Thanx for the alpha love it!!

Lizzerd said...

gorgeous (the blue's my fave, tho')

Glenda said...

Not that I just want to make you work harder, but I think that you should put the bevels and shadows on. There are probably a lot of scrappers out there that are just learning their program of choice and may not know how to do this - or may not know how to do bevels. I know how to make them, but would prefer on such a beautiful piece of work otherwise, that the entire piece of work be done by the artist. Does that make sense?

Maria said...

Lizzerd, blue is my fav too which is why that's in the pic. ;-)

Glenda, you are absolutely right. I will add the bevels. I'm not sure on shadows because I think some people really hate them and once they are on you can't remove them... but then perhaps those people can start with the plain? What do others think?

Phyllis said...

Thanks for the great alphas! I for one would really appreciate the bevels as I "lack the training for the bevelling". The shadows aren't really necessary, tho.

Phyllis said...

On second thought, your shadowing is pretty sharp looking and probably much better than anything I could do - I think I might like that, too. (I'm old and somewhat senile and tend to change my mind quite often, so please be patient with me - they're still adjusting my meds)

Renée said...

thank you