Friday, 15 June 2007

Black Grunge and Tartan Paper


I have uploaded my black tartan and black grunge paper:

In total 3 black tartans and 1 matching black grunge (detail shown). I will be adding red, blue and green tartans over the next few days, so come back soon.

Download here. Enjoy!


Glenda said...

Found something else I missed. By the way, there are comments on 4Shared. I love all of this tartan plaid. I don't know that I have even had anything made of it, but it is really striking. Thanks again!

Lizzerd said...

one of those looks sorta like *my* tartan {giggle}

Maria said...

Thanks guys!

Lizzerd what do you mean? Your clan tartan? Are you Scottish?

Catriona MacGregor said...

Thanks again for the great download!