Thursday, 21 June 2007

Roses on Nicole's blog

There are some lovely roses on Nicole's blog here which could be used with my Moulin Rouge kit. Worth a download & please say thank you to her.

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Kim Broedelet said...

Maria I just want to say a BIG thank you for your comments you left on my blog today- It wasn't me that wrote the top part-LOL, that was from my CT leader who got out the "wet noodle" to wack me with if I didn't put it up! LOL- But honestly I had to do it because of "nasty e-mails" to my fellow designers from people saying that they EXPECTED the freebies and that they didn't ever need to say Thank you for them because if it was downloaded it meant they liked them anyway- it was just the "attitude" that got my goat- I don't think the "ratio" will change at all quite honestly and as I mentioned at the top of my post- I came to terms with that LONG time ago- because it's those wonderful comments by the "few" that make you all warm and fuzzy and coming back to give more... LOL, oh my goodness I'm writing a book again! hahaha, But I was also thanked by a few designers out there for " giving out freebie etiquette"- and maybe maybe- just maybe LOL, it will make a few people realise that "we" are not machines "churning" out designs but humans with feelings behind us too. Which brings me to that ALPHA- Girlfriend it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I love it and so glad I found your blog!!! Thanks again!!